Renault Monastella

Cars data:

Manufacturer: Renault

Production year: 1930

Engine: 1476 cc

Output: 26 hp

Performance: 90 km/h

Country: France

Price new: 33.200 fr.

Loaned by: Zdravko Dimov

The Renault Monastella (Type RY1) was a compact luxury car manufactured between late 1928 and 1933 by Renault. It shared the mechanical elements and bodywork options of the Renault Monasix but was differentiated by superior levels of finish and equipment. The Monastella was a more luxurious version of the Monasix which had itself first appeared at the 1927 Paris Motor Show. Apart from the superior equipment levels, it was differentiated from the Monasix by a plate that said „carrosserie STELLA“.