Fiat Bertone X1/9 1983

Cars data:

Manufacturer: Gruppo Bertone

Production year: 1983

Engine: 1499 cc

Output: 84 hp

Performance: 180 km/h

Country: Italy

Price new: 6 500 000 ITL

Loaned by: Zlaten Rozhen Museum

The Fiat X1/9 is a two-seater mid-engine sports car designed by Bertone and manufactured by Fiat from 1972–1982 and subsequently by Gruppo Bertone from 1982–1989. Originally slated to debut at the November 1972 Turin Motor Show, the X1/9’s launch was delayed until after the show to avoid upstaging the new Fiat 126 city car. Press test drives were held at the end of November 1972, on the Sicilian Madonie roads home to the Targa Florio road race. About 2/3 of the approximately 160 000 X 1/9 produced were sold in the USA. The last production models were named the Gran Finale and sold over the 1989/1990 period.