Ferrari 348 tb 1991

Cars data:

Manufacturer: Ferrari S.p.A

Production year: 1991

Engine: 3405 cc

Output: 300 hp

Performance: 267 km/h

Country: Italy

Price new: 84 000 000 ITL

Loaned by: NSP

The Ferrari 348 (Type F119) is a mid-engine V8-powered 2-seat sports car produced by Italian automaker Ferrari, replacing the 328 in 1989 and remaining in production until 1995. It is the final V8 model developed under the direction of Enzo Ferrari before his death, commissioned to production posthumously. The 348, badged 348 tb for the coupé (Trasversale Berlinetta) and 348 ts for the targa (Trasversale Spider), featured a naturally aspirated 3.4-litre version of four-valve-per-cylinder V8 engine. The model is also the final design overseen by chief stylist of Pininfarina – Leonardo Fioravanti, known for such designs as the F40, Daytona, 512 Berlinetta Boxer, 288 GTO P5, P6 and others.