Bulgaralpine A110 1968

Cars data:

Manufacturer: Alpine & ETO Bulet

Production year: 1968

Engine: 1300 cc

Output: 110 hp


Country: Bulgaria

Price new: 8200 BGN

Loaned by: Teodor Osikovski

After receiving an invitation from the ETO (export trade organization) Bulet, Alpine’s creator Jean Rédélé traveled to Sofia, Bulgaria, at the end of 1966. The same Bulgarian company, Bulet, had previously partnered with Renault and had started assembling Bulgarrenault, planning a similar partnership with Alpine. After the first few Bulgaralpines were put together at the end of 1967, the magnificent sports automobile became an instant hit in Europe and the United States. Two Bulgaralpine race cars were driven for the first time in the Monte Carlo Rally in 1968. Although it is still unclear how many Bulgaralpines were made when production halted in 1969, the original plan was for one to be produced every day. According to some reports, only 60 automobiles were finished, while others indicate 120.