Volvo 144

Cars data:

Manufacturer: Volvo Personvagnar AB

Production year: 1971

Engine: 1985 cc

Output: 82 hp

Performance: 148 km/h

Country: Sweden

Price new: 2150 USD

Loaned by: Dragomir Mitsov

In August 1966, Volvo presented a new 4-door car called the Volvo 144. It represented the start of an entirely new car series which, until 1974, accounted for Volvo’s volume models. The Model 144 also included many new safety features. In addition to the body with its energy-absorbing zones front and rear, there was a unique braking system in which each braking circuit handled three wheels. Disc brakes were used on all four wheels. The interior had no protruding parts and there were safety belts for the driver and front-seat passenger.