Mercedes-Benz W136 170V Cabriolet B

Cars data:

Manufacturer: Daimler - Benz AG

Production year: 1939

Engine: 1697 cc

Output: 38 hp

Performance: 108 km/h

Country: Deutsches Reich

Price new: 4550 RM

Loaned by: Classi Cars BG AG

On February 15, 1936, Mercedes-Benz presented the 170V (W 136) at the International Automobile and Motorcycle Show (IAMA) in Berlin. This is the beginning of a success story for the brand: fifty years after the invention of the car by Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, the technically sophisticated and visually striking 170V became a bestseller and gave Mercedes-Benz a leading position in sales in the middle class. The modifications to the 170 V in March 1936 were: sedan with two or four doors, with a hard and soft roof; Cabriolet with two or four doors; and a two-seater roadster.