Mercedes-Benz 220S Ponton Cabriolet

Cars data:

Manufacturer: Daimler-Benz AG

Production year: 1957

Engine: 2195 cc

Output: 100 hp

Performance: 160 km/h

Country: Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Price new: DM 21 500,-

Loaned by: Classic Cars BG AG

The 220S debuted at Frankfurt in 1956 as the flagman of a new line of cars. Mercedes produced only 157 Cabriolets in 1957. The bodywork is assembled on an assembly line at the company’s plant in Sindelfingen, but is hand-finished to the highest standards for Mercedes-Benz’s prestigious models by craftsmen highly skilled in the art of coachwork. Befitting this standard, it has trim and taillights that echo the 300 series. Unlike the larger 300S models, the 220S Cabriolets feature a fully retractable roof, giving them a much sleeker and modern look.