Mercedes-Benz 180 W120

Cars data:

Manufacturer: Daimler - Benz AG

Production year: 1953

Engine: 1767 cc

Output: 52 hp

Performance: 126 km/h

Country: Bundesrepublik Deutschland

Price new: DM 9950,-

Loaned by: Ilia Paskov

The Mercedes-Benz W120 is inline-four cylinder sedans made by Daimler-Benz. The W120 was introduced in 1953. Powered initially by the company’s existing 1.8 liter M136 engine, it was sold as the Mercedes-Benz 180 through 1962. From 1954, Mercedes-Benz also offered the W120 with a diesel engine as the Mercedes-Benz 180D. The W120 was nicknamed the Ponton after its introduction, because it employed Ponton, or pontoon styling in an automotive design.