Jaguar E-Type

Cars data:

Manufacturer: Jaguar Cars Limited

Production year: 1965

Engine: 4235 cc

Output: 265 hp

Performance: 210 km/h

Country: England

Price new: 5550 USD

Loaned by: Stoyan Petrunov

It was introduced to the world on March 15 1961 at the Geneva motor show. It was originally developed as a racing car but the manufacturer decided to put it into production as a road car. The original early 265 hp 3.8-litre version of engine delivered blistering performance, managing the 0-100 km/h sprint in seven seconds and could reach a top speed of 150mph. Later in its life a larger 4.2-litre engine was fitted to the E-Type and a longer 2+2 version with rear seats was also developed.