Cadillac Series 314 1926

Cars data:

Manufacturer: General Motors

Production year: 1926

Engine: 5157 cc

Output: 87 hp

Performance: 130 km/h

Country: USA

Price new: 3195 USD

Loaned by: Eduard Asilelov

Called the “new ninety degree Cadillac” the Series 314 had an all-new V8 engine with an engine displacement of 314 cu. in. This is a significant vehicle for the Cadillac marque, as the company itself made a shift from the Henry Leland engineering era to the Earnest Seaholm and Harley Earle tenure. At the time Cadillac never really gave this model a proper name and simply referred to all their cars as Cadillac. At the time Cadillac advertised “Fifty body styles and types – Five hundred color and upholstery combinations.” The large array of available options meant that no two cars were a like.