BulgarRenault 10

Cars data:

Manufacturer: ETO Bulet & EPU Matalhim

Production year: 1969

Engine: 1289 cc

Output: 53 hp

Performance: 134 km/h

Country: Bulgaria

Price new: 6800 BGN

Loaned by: Ivan Chobanov

Bulgarrenault (or Bulgar Renault) was an automobile produced in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and the result of a collaboration between Metalhim (a Bulgarian defence firm) and Bulet (a Bulgarian export trade organisation). Production lasted for five years (1966-1970), during which the factory in Plovdiv produced two Renault models: the Renault 8 and the Renault 10. The official state newspaper Rabotnichesko Delo in its issue #261 of September 18, 1966, announced that ETO Bulet and Renault had signed a contract.