Buick Special 1958

Cars data:

Manufacturer: General Motors

Production year: 1958

Engine: 5957 cc

Output: 250 hp

Performance: 173 km/h

Country: USA

Price new: 2700 USD

Loaned by: Teodor Osikovki

The Buick Special is an automobile produced by General Motors. It is usually Buick’s lowest-priced model, starting out as a full-size car in 1936 to 1958 and returning in 1961 as a mid-size. The Special was built for several decades and was offered as a coupe, sedan, HT and later as a station wagon. Its designer is Harley Earl. When GM modernized their entry level products in the 1960s, the Special introduced the modern Buick V6 engine that became a core engine for GM for several decades. GM renamed the Buick Special the LeSabre for the 1959 model year, taken the name from the 1951 Le Sabre concept car.